Amidst some of the classes I’ve held, it has often been my recommendation that meditation participants do not use background music that includes distracting noises or sounds. This was to help quiet the mind. This recommendation is not to say “NEVER” use that type of music or background sound.

               I recently came across a T.E.D. Talk by Julian Treasure. In his talk Mr. Treasure was giving tips on how to listen better. His talk was not about anything metaphysical or spiritually related but had many tenets that could be applied to getting in touch with Spirit/Universe/God/Goddess or whomever you ascribe too. He recommended sitting outside at times, just simply listen to the sounds around you. Appreciate them for what they are and the life that they bring into your life. After you have had a moment of appreciation, begin trying to focus on one sound amidst the symphony. Move in-between each noise to focus on another.

               As I listened to this lecture at (4am by the way) I was reminded by Spirit that strengthening one’s physical senses allows the spiritual senses to become stronger as well. Often times as we go to use our intuitive senses, we are bombarded with information. This would be a good time to employ the use of listening “in-between.” Even if you are not seeking out a specific answer, the practice itself will prepare you for those times when you are in need of specifics. I would challenge anyone wishing to hear Spirit on a deeper and more focused level to employ “listening in-between” a few times a week if not everyday. If you cannot go outside, grab a CD or find a YouTube video of nature sounds, flutes, or other multi-dimensional sounds. You will be amazed at the increase of your spiritual awareness.

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