Many people around the world take time out of their busy schedules to sit down with intuitive/psychic individuals for readings about their love lives, future, and many other topics. For some of us, this gives a sense of direction. For others of us, a reading gives a sense of security and hope.


       Receiving a message from Spirit/God/The Universe can be an amazing experience. But take a moment to consider the vessel delivering the message. There are many talented and extremely gifted psychics out there, myself included, but we are all still human. The reader delivering the message may misinterpret the symbols, sounds, or signs being shown to them by Spirit. The reader can also be having a rough day, affecting their ability to be a clear channel. A good psychic is going to give you the literal message that is being delivered, along with the symbolic message from their interpretation. This decreases the possibility of inaccuracies. 

       Messages are designed to give you hope and/or warn you. Also, the reading is only relevant to that particular moment. At any given time there are multiple realities to consider and therefore several possible outcomes. All of those outcomes are based how you choose to proceed forward. This is why, major life decisions should never be made based on one reading.


      As an example, a person could receive a reading about how they will meet a tall dark stranger at a bar in the evening. From there, that same person decides to work late and advance their career and put possible love on the back burner. This person has now changed the outcome of the reading that they received earlier in their day.  

To summarize:

– Consider the human being deliver the message.

– Realize that the reading is only relevant as long as you don’t change you path or your mind.

– Never base major life decisions on one reading. 

Again, readings are great to receive and I highly encourage everyone to step out and have that experience. But be sure to do so responsibly! 

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