Sometimes healing and clearing of blocks can take place in subtle ways. 

Blocks are thought forms, false beliefs, and events that have happened in our lives that prevent us from moving forward. They come from family and people in our inner circle who may have intentionally or unintentionally tried to hold us back.

As we go through life, our aura, cells, and various body systems pick up these blocks. These blocks permeate our existence and prevent: wealth, abundance, happiness, love, promotions, or anything else that we want but have had difficulty attaining.

I was reminded by Spirit to release energetic blocks through self-healing work. One very important way to do this, is to read positive and inspirational books, poems, and for those with limited time – memes work great too!

I was feeding my infant earlier today, which is a process that takes a minimum of 30 minutes and usually involves him moving around and getting so distracted that he stops eating periodically. I grabbed a book on the off chance that this was a rare occasion and I was able to read with him. The book, “The Order of Melchizedek” by Daniel Chesbro. I’d been ordained in the Order and the book goes over the history, philosophies, and energies that you open up to when you become ordained. 

The section I opened up to reminded me that when I became ordained I opened myself up to the serving mankind 24/7. The universe will send me those that I can and that I am allowed to help. In my mind, I said “yes!” and would no longer worry about where and how clients will find me. I instantly felt a rush if energy and felt a sense of purpose as if I had been re-ordained or experienced a spontaneous initiation.

After that moment, I received a very generous donation to help open my business ( I was also contacted by another client, as if the universe was saying, “I told you so!”

I know the importance of being of service to this planet and do not take that lightly!

I clearly removed a block through reading and reinvigorating my path and purpose. I would recommend that anyone seeking to make a change in their lives, look for positive ways to do that. Reading is a wonderful way to make changes and to make time for yourself to heal.

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