Crystal Cognizance’s Services

Reiki Energy Healing and Energy Medicine        $100 per session  or $200 for 3 sessions

  • Includes 5 different Reiki Modalities, Shamanic Healing, Sound Healing, Candle Healing, Amethyst Biomat Treatment, A Copper Meditation Pyramid, Angelic and Ascended Master Healing, As well as whatever is divinely guided for that session (each session is different). Your treatment also includes ALL of the listed service below with the exception of: Private Meditation and Life Coaching
  • In a 1-hour treatment every treatment will vary because your energies and needs will change over time. I open up to what your needs are in the moment and allow that energy to flow through me. There will be a 15 to 30 min discussion afterwards of what was experienced and any divine guidance that comes through.

Archangel Raphael Treatment                              $85 per session

Crystal Healing                                                                  $70 per session

Crystal Reading                                                           $40 per session

Chakra Balancing/Clearing                                    $45 per session

Cord Cutting                                                                 $40 per session

Spiritual Counseling/Readings                             $70 per session

Life Coaching                                                               $120 per session

****Everything Above this line is included in a 1-Hour Reiki Session with Dahlia****

Private Meditation                                                      $50 for the initial session, $30 for any additional sessions

Life Coaching                                                                $100 per Session

                                                                                     **Traveling Services**

Meditation Room Consultation                             $75 per hour

Home Clearings/Blessings                                      $100 per hour

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