Crystal Cognizance’s Services

Reiki Energy Healing and Energy Medicine        $80 per session 

  • Usui, Karuna, Sekhem Seichim, Lightarian
  • This includes all of my listed services and abilities that are divinely guided to me during your session here in a 1-hour treatment. Every Treatment will vary because your energies and needs will change over time. I open up to what your needs are in the moment and allow that energy to flow through me.

Archangel Raphael Treatment                               $65 per session

Crystal Bath                                                                   $50 per session

Crystal Reading                                                            $20 per session

Chakra Balancing/Clearing                                     $25 per session

Cord Cutting                                                                  $20 per session

Spiritual Counseling                                                  $50 per session

Life Coaching                                                                $100 per session

Readings (cards, channeled message, etc.)       $50 per session

Private Meditation                                                      $50 for the initial session, $30 for any additional sessions

                                                                                     **Traveling Services**

Meditation Room Consultation                             $75 per hour

Home Clearings/Blessings                                      $100 per hour

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