Who Am I?

My name is Arialle "Dahlia" Cordoba, I am a  quadruple certified Reiki Master Teacher (CRMT). I have been trained in the arts of Usui, Sechem Seichim, Karuna, and Lightarian Reiki as well as the School of Life! I am also an ordained Priestess initiated in the Order of Melchizedek. My formal training includes crisis intervention training along with a psychology degree, life coaching, and 10 years in a customer service role.

My life purpose is to help others heal themselves and teach thereby raising the consciousness of this planet one soul at a time. My primary gifts include clairvoyance and clairaudience. These gifts allow to see and hear beyond my regular senses. I can also help others to elevate their consciousness, deepen their healing alongside traditional medical interventions, as well as provide distance healing work. But, if you really want know who I am, I invite you to read "My Origin Story" below.

My Origin Story

For as far back as I can remember, I have loved crystals. I’ve also felt, seen, and heard more than most but did not realize that this was the case. My mother encouraged my unique nature. It was what she deemed, in the most loving way, my weirdness. As soon as I could speak, I could be heard speaking alone in seemingly empty spaces. My mother said that talking to myself was “normal” and part of growing up. What I did not explain to her was that “self” was talking back.

As I grew, I became more and more curious about God. My mother and I did not attend church at the time but I had a deep inner knowing of the creator. Some how I knew of God’s existence and saw this being as a friend and helpmate. God was a confidant who held my secrets and dried many of my tears. For you see, in my youth I was never seen as a popular individual. Being the daughter of a Marine, meant that we moved around a lot. So, this meant that I was never “like” the local children. I always brought with me strange customs. I always spoke “funny.” I never looked or dressed “normal.” My dear mother, in full confidence of how beautiful, intelligent, and full of potential her daughter was, simply explained to me that those children were just jealous! Commonly stated by most mothers, I naturally wrote her off.

I became comfortable “by” myself and when faced with having to be social with other children I developed a thick skin and never let them see me cry. This tough exterior even grew a couple thorns just in case anyone, that I didn’t trust, tried to get a little too close.

I had found a solution and a way of being.

Fast forward to puberty, where things became very interesting. I came to the realization that while I was okay “by” myself, I was not okay “with” myself. Having been spotted a few times, speaking out loud to myself or turning my head to watch the shadows dancing and moving out of the corner of my eye deemed me a weirdo to more children than I could count. Knowing and feeling things ahead of time, seemingly from nowhere made others uncomfortable. And NOW, things were also changing for my physically. I could FEEL their stare as I walked past. I could hear their whispers from further away than others near me.

Overtime, I began to shut my gifts down the very basic rationalizations. The following phrases played on repeat in my mind throughout my day:

“I’m making this up”

“I can’t be feeling that.”

“Stop talking to yourself, that’s weird and no one else is doing that.”

“I want them to like me, so I’ll just go along with it even though it doesn’t feel right.”

“Stay quiet and they won’t notice you.”

“If you continue to play with those pendulums, talk to those animals, talk to yourself, and play with those (tarot) cards YOU’RE GOING TO HELL!”

So I gathered up my things and found the only person in school that I thought was stranger than me and gave them to him. I shut the spiritual door in my mind (my pineal gland) and I told myself that the church was right. Every now and then, that door would crack open and I would hear, see, or feel something stir within myself but beyond myself. I would begin to question, and then quickly snap out of it on Sunday morning.

Fast forward through all of the hurt, all of denial, all of the unpleasantness and emptiness that comes from trying to be someone and something I was not. On the other side of all of those things, and many many MANY years down the road, I found a glimmer of hope in one woman. Her name was Anita Holley. I found her group by chance on a social gathering website and took a chance. The description of her gathering seemed far beyond anything I had encountered in any of my short 20+ years of EXISTENCE. What caught me, what drew me in, was how she spoke about healing deep wounds from the past and finding out who and what you really are in this life.

Up to now, I had not realized it, but I was on autopilot. And reading that description flipped a switch. I HAD a child. I HAD a husband. I HAD a great job that paid me well. I HAD (and have) amazing friends. BUT…I now knew and clearly understood that…I HAD NO IDEA WHO I WAS! And so began my spiritual crisis. I had no idea that this would last me a solid 7 years.

I entered Anita’s home one night when she was hosting a Past Life Regression Meditation. I had no idea what that meant! But I promised myself that I would not drink or eat anything they dried to give me and at the first sign of cult like swaying, chanting, or talking about dying so that we could ascend together – I was GETTING THE HELL OUT OF THERE! So, I sat, quiet and physically making myself as small as possible so as not to draw attention to myself. I didn’t know it than but I was a master at “shape-shifting” and could make myself invisible at the drop of a hat.

I know that this sounds crazy, but I invite you to follow me down this rabbit hole even deeper…

She began with explanation of the gathering, using phrases and terms that I had never heard of before. And then she gently began the meditation. It unlocked something lying deep within myself and on the other side of that newly opened door were tears of release, joy, and curiosity. I could never go back to what I thought was real before.

I now recognize my life, my experiences, and my gifts for what they are – good, bad, or indifferent. I love every inch and fiber of my being. And I FULLY recognize the gift of pain, regret, DIVORCE, resurrection, and rebirth that people in my life have given me. A few years back, I decided to “come out of the spiritual closet” to my mother who was now cully invested in the church as a minister. I expected complete and utter rejection. I thought that she would sprinkle me with holy water, slap, me across the face, and tell me to snap out of it!” Now my mother has ALWAYS been my biggest fan and largest supporter. She has most certainly been my MOTHER and made me make certain of my choices through questions and introspection. But she has always lifted me up when my heart was invested in my many passions. THIS DAY WAS NO DIFFERENT THAN BEFORE. Still, I took her out to lunch just in case she reached across the table and tried to kill me or make a scene. Then, I broke the news. She paused…then she spoke. “Well I always knew that you were a little weird.” All of the pre-built pressure melted away and I began to explain reiki, energy, the spirits that I communicate with, my now deeper love and experience with my creator, and everything that I could fit into a two-and-a-half-hour lunch. The rest is history.

I continue to grow and learn because I believe that this is what life is all about. GROWTH! And then sharing those experiences and knowledge with others. I have been so fortunate, blessed, and gifted because of what others have poured into me. Now it is my sincerest wish and hope to pour that into others that are on their path. I want others to be able to feel safe enough to experience and find THEIR normal, just the way that I did. I want the masses to craft, create, build the lives that they deserve and want. It’s my purpose to bring people back into themselves to discover the beauty within so that they can create more beauty in this world. I met a beautiful soul recently that reminded me that we are meant to share out gifts with others so that we might all grow as individuals. My most joyful moments come when I am honored with option to help another find themselves. I love to stand side-by-side with people, not as their healer or savior, but as their partner in growth that will transcend this lifetime.

I speak to spirits, crystals, and animals (I’m working on plants). I frequently leave my body to have new and profound experiences. I feed my human half with knowledge, exercise, laughter, and fun. I push and pull energy. I disallow that which no longer serves me. I expand and contract time. I transcend the normal confines of everyday life as a mom, business owner, American, taxpayer, and human being. I push the boundaries of reality and create my own. I encourage others to push theirs. I MAKE MY OWN NORMAL, with or without the consent of others because my life is my own to bare.

Contact me with any questions or to schedule an appointment: Dahlia


Our Mission Statement

        Crystal Cognizance LLC. is a holistic healing center dedicated to helping the community on its path to living it's best life through mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. We bring together various ancient healing techniques designed to shift the perspective and energy of the recipient creating deep and often profound healing. We offer meditation and several development courses for spiritual seekers.

        Integrity, empathy, safety, and respect are our foundation. The center also offers an opportunity for connection to beneficial and complimentary services not provided by Crystal Cognizance. We believe in collaborating with a wide range of  (vetted) healers and centers in order to best serve the community and capitalize on everyone's unique gifts. 

         We have a soft spot in our hearts for veterans, mothers, abused groups of people, first responders, and active-duty service members. Anyone and everyone can benefit from our one-on-one and group sessions. These benefits include but are not limited to: stress reduction, deeper understanding of the self, spiritual guidance and direction, enlightenment,  remembering who you are and your purpose, finding and joining what feels like a supportive family, and so much more.


Code of Ethics

 Code of Ethics

  1. Your information will NEVER be shared or sold to anyone.
  2. Your private sessions are your own and anything divulged during that session will remain between you and your practitioner.
  3. Every practitioner at Crystal Cognizance LLC. Is actively working on their own healing so as to embody and fully express the essence of Reiki or their own personal modality in everything we do.
  4. We are dedicated to enhancing our professional qualifications, training, experience and skills.
  5. We respect and value all healers and healing practices regardless of lineage or organizational affiliation.
  6. We encourage all of our clients and students to use their own inner guidance in deciding who to receive healing from or who to study with including the possibility of studying with more than one teacher.
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